The course benefit me greatly, not only in terms of dental knowledge but also in deciding what path I want to take in the future. I developed numerous skills in the two days and the tutors elevated the entire experience massively!



I'd just like to say a quick thank you for the highly informative course you gave this weekend! I really enjoyed both days and learnt skills that I know will be extremely valuable later on when pursuing a dental career



As a graduate student, I was very nervous to apply to dental school due to the competitiveness. However, the tutors gave me really good application advice and I feel so much more confident to submit an application. I learnt so much from the lectures, and it really increased my knowledge on dental procedures that I see regularly during work experience!



Thank you very much for this weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it definitely helped me make a clear decision in terms of where I stand education wise. Both tutors were very supportive and I really appreciated this opportunity



Thank you for the amazing weekend. I learnt so many new things that I'm sure I will use in the future. It was a wonderful experience that I'll be sure to recommend to anyone interested in dentistry



Thank you so much for such an informative yet fun experience this weekend. It really gave me an insight into dentistry whilst also motivating me to hopefully pursue it in the future. I also really appreciated the tips for personal statements and interviews. It was a great course and I definitely recommend!