Our courses provide a combination of academic seminars and practical exercises for our students. 



This course offers a detailed, integrated approach to prepare students for dental school. 

It is run over two days and is held at Richbell House in Holborn, London

Students will be taught by current dentists who will walk them through life at university and provide an insight into dentistry as a career.


The course includes:

Academic seminars

Practical exercises

UCAS walkthrough
Work booklet




Online course that allows students to experience our course from the comfort of their own homes.


With over three hours worth of content, it includes:

Academic seminars

UCAS walkthrough

Online support

Work booklet


Academic content

  • Dental consultations

  • Dental diagnosis

  • Dental radiography

  • Restorative dentistry

  • Oral surgery

UCAS walkthrough

  • Getting started

  • Entry requirements

  • Personal statement

  • Work experience

  • UCAT tips

  • Interview tips

Practical content

     (hands-on course)

  • Dental examination

  • Tooth carving

  • Composite filling 

  • Suturing